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Your work keeps getting better and better and better than I would ever expect. These baners are outstanding, unbelievable and incredible!!!! Simply the best!!!! 10/11/2012

HE LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! HIS AD! He said we was the only one that gave him what he wanted! 8/28/2012

Ken, you have absolutely wowed me! Not only did you step up to the plate swinging to play an instrumental role in getting the magazine out on time under extremely adverse circumstances, overall your work is absolutely superb. Considering the fact that we have never worked together before, our combined efforts to publish a first-rate magazine for August, and get it done on time, is only slightly less miraculous than a real life miracle! 7/22/2012

Looks awesome. We're blowing away these customers with top quality design that the competition cannot compete with!!! 7/14/2012

WOW, 7 minutes - very impressive, thanks so much! 7/10/2012

He has advertised a lot in local publications, including the big
dailies, and this is the best ad I've seen for him. Thanks. 6/13/2012

Thank You for the incredibly fast turnaround on ads and spreads! We
couldn't do this without you. You are a great partner and we appreciate all of your work. 6/4/2012

I’ve got to tell you… you are in the zone! All of your ads you’ve been sending are fantastic designs! 6/22/2011

Our clients are drooling over the new ad look. Many, many positive comments. We are so excited to show them off to our readers.  THANK YOU for all your work. 3/1/2011

I can't tell you how much we enjoy working with you. I am sorry I dragged my feet in getting set up with you.
YOU MAKE  US LOOK GOOD and MAKE OUR LIVES EASY... and  tremendously helps our budget.
Thanks a  Million!!! 1/7/2011

Keep doing what you do best and create the most AWESOME ads ever!!!! 10/4/2010 

Ken, You did such a great job on this...they got more results than from any other ads 8/5/2010

AWESOME :)  They loved it.  Thanks! 8/3/2010

"That looks awesome! Much better than I was able to put together, so thanks so much! I am definitely pleased and give my nod of approval." 5/17/2010

"The customer LOVED this ad!!  Thanks SOOOO much!" 2/9/2010

"Ken you rock!! This is awesome and the client loves it, thank you!" 12/22/09

"direct hit!  great job,  ok to run with no changes,  thanks for the quick turnaround." 11/19/09

"Hi Ken. The ads were awesome and turnaround unbelievable" 10/7/2009

Again, u have amazed me with your talents." 6/26/2009

"Awesome turnaround time - I am truly impressed! :~) " 4/2/2009

"BEAuTIFUL Ad!!! 3/4/2009

WOW, that is the BEST looking ad I have seen in a long time, you have gone outside of the box!!!!!!!!! Thanks 2/23/2009

"Thanks Ken for your creative design staff and their attention to detail." 2/7/2009

"Coyote Martial Arts loved his logo makeover.  Also
quick changes and online tracking makes you a valued partner!"

"The client really liked the ad. It's so great we got to raise the bar
for him- thanks for the extra push!"

"You are amazing!" 1/14/2009










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